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inCompany lets you find in-house expertise

A unique individual talent profile that helps employees displaying their talents and getting found within their organization.
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Find colleagues based on their unique talent

Advanced search functionalities help employees and managers to find the colleagues’ talents they need to get the job done. Simply state what you are looking for in the search field and get a list of coworkers who can help you!

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Show internal opportunities

Post your projects, job openings and events to help employees get the best out of their talents. As an employee you just easy apply and you have showed your interest or enrollment!

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Realtime insight in available unique talents

Have access to an up to date database of all the available talents in the company. Combine this with your strategy and avoid talent shortages.

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Social sharing of information

Get access to and share knowledge within your organization to drive internal collaboration. As employee you have real time access to all the latest information to get the job done.

How does it work
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“I’ve gained a lot of experience with online business platforms and see what works. Profile Manager really provides a good user experience for both managers and employees.”
Toine van EedenCIO at NCOI
“Customer digitalization demands changes in the way organizations sell. Think of Social Selling at the gun factor. Presenting yourself digitally is also important in your own career. That’s why I think Profile Manager is a very handy tool that makes it very easy.”
Laura NuhaanPartner at The Andeta Group
“With PRM inCompany, there is a bridge between back-end HR systems and the individual presentation profile of your employee.  This is the most valuable source of talent and managementcontrol within organizations and individuals.
Peter van BuijteneDirector Business Development & Sustainable Real Estate at Eneco
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